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January 17, 2023, China-Democracy-Party Party Class Activity Newsletter



Li, Cuiyun, director of the Democracy Lecture Project of China Democracy Party National Committee reported:

今天民主党的党课照常在党部办公室召开, 但是与往常不同的是这次是大瘟疫近三年来第一次党课由线上为主转为线下为主。这一期党课的主题是关注白纸运动的失踪者。

Today, the party class of the China Democracy Party is held in the party office as usual, but what is different from usual is that this is the first time that the party class has been switched from mainly online to mainly offline. The theme of this party class is to focus on the missing persons of the White Paper Movement


Since the Chinese White Paper Movement, many people have been arrested and then disappeared. The Democrat party lecture here is mainly about what people are missing.


Between the late night of the 28th and the early morning of the 29th Beijing time, Lin, Dangdang was interrupted by the police at the door when he was talking with reporters at his home in Shanghai, asking him to check his mobile phone, and then lost contact.


Zhang, Donghui, who graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, wrote "It has been three years, and I am benumbed." on the eight nucleic acid kiosks in Wangjing, Chaoyang District, Beijing on August 17, 2022 was characterized by the prosecutor in the case as "picking quarrels and provoking troubles"


Chuan Chuan; Wang, Chenhao; Li, Mu; Wang, Daiyue; Wang, Hao; Chen, Jialin; Huang, Yufeng; Qin, Chao; Chen, Jialin


Wei, Hai, and his girlfriend are believed to be the leaders of a flower-laying ceremony on Shanghai's Urumqi Middle Road in mourning for the victims of the fire in Urumqi, Xinjiang. This event later turned into a symbolic group protest event shouting "Communist Party step down" and "Xi, Jinping step down" when the police were on guard at the scene.


Xiao, Liang, a painter in Nanchang, Jiangxi, posted his painting "Portrait of Mr. Peng, Lifa" on Twitter on October 15. He was taken away by the local police the next day and is currently arrested on charges of picking quarrels and provoking trouble. The portrait was the last tweet from his Twitter account.


Wu, Yanan, an associate professor at the School of Philosophy of Nankai University, was tricked into sending him to a mental hospital by the school under the pretext of testing nucleic acid because he supported the White Paper movement and demanded protection for students who participated in the protest. Wu, Yanan hid in the toilet of the psychiatric hospital and sent a distress message to expose the matter, causing her students to backlash. Some human rights workers expressed great concern about this matter.


Yang, Zijing is a 25-year-old public welfare activist. After graduating from Harbin Engineering University majoring in engineering mechanics, she has been working in Guangzhou for two years. On the evening of November 27, Yang, Zijing accompanied her friends to Haizhu Square in Guangzhou to watch the group activities protesting against the "dynamic reset". More than 10 policemen and plainclothes policemen from the Beijing Street Police Station of the Yuexiu District Public Security Bureau in Guangzhou entered Yang, Zijing’s residence under the pretext of “checking the water meter” and took away Yang, Zijing, her computer, mobile phone, and other items in the name of verbal summons


Ni, Xinyi, a 2019 student of the Japanese Department of Fudan University. Ni, Xinyi was arrested by the police the next day and is still in custody.


Those arrested in the Beijing area also included Yang, Liu, a reporter from the Beijing News, who lost contact with the outside world from December 20th to 21st last year;


Cao, Zhixin, the editor of the publishing house who graduated with a master's degree in history from Renmin University of China, lost contact at a time close to that of Yang, Liu;


Gu, Yu, the owner of the bar, lost contact a little later than the above two people;


Artist Chen, Junhui lost contact on the afternoon of December 28th.


The lecturer of the party class is Wang Juntao, chairman of the China Democracy Party National Committee, and Cui, Yong, and Li, Cuiyun preside over it. Li, Cuiyun talked about her experience of participating in the China Democracy Party. Chen, Chuangchuang added that a large number of women were arrested and disappeared during the White Paper Movement because the feminist movement in China laid the foundation for this White Paper Movement. Vice Chairman Chen, Liqun added that the outbreak of the white paper revolution was the result of people's long-term accumulation of resistance to the CCP.



The party members who participated in the party class at the party headquarters this time are: Cui, Yong; Li, Cuiyun; Chen, Chuangchuang; Chen, Liqun; Ni, Jinfang

The party members who participated in the party class online this time are: Zou, Yuyan; Shao, Weimin; Xue, Caimei; Liu, Yuehang; Chen, Yongzhong


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