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Introduction of final candidates for the 5th Liu Xiaobo Conscience Award (2019)


WEI Xiaobing卫小兵, born in 1977, is a devoted activist turned from a businessman. Despite being low key, he is well known among activists for being both strong in action and credible in collecting donations to support political prisoners. After news of Liu Xiaobo’s late liver cancer came out in June 2017, he was the only one who went to Shenyang hospital twice hoping to see Liu Xiaobo for the last time. After the death of LIU on July 13, 2017, WEI Xiaobing joined a group of activists in Guangdong to commemorate LIU at the seaside, and all of them got detained for one month. Recently he became first known Chinese netizen arrested for online speech supporting Hongkong demonstration. 卫小兵,原籍四川,在广东经商。网名“十三亿公民”,热心公益,嫉恶如仇,行动力强,南方街头运动的践行者。自称于2010年觉醒,2011至2012年间三次去山东临沂探访陈光诚,被行政拘留十天。2012年前即发起广州网友公义饭醉活动、给良心犯募捐,是“送饭党”重要人员。2015年因声援709律师被刑拘一个月。2017年6月刘晓波肝癌晚期从监狱转押到沈阳医院的消息传出后,他是唯一一个两次去沈阳探访刘晓波的勇士,7月13日刘晓波去世后,他又参加7月19日在广东江门海祭刘晓波的活动,因此被刑拘一个月,取保候审后被送回并限制在四川芦山老家。这些年来卫小兵多次被驱赶被拘留,全家受牵连被当局打压,2017年11月其父亲因受到牵连导致精神崩溃绝望自杀于派出所前,2018年其母经营的店铺险遭查封。2019年6月18日在浙江湖州被传唤,然后被行政拘留15天,因为在网上发布支持香港反送中的言论。

JI Xiaolong季孝龙, born in 1976, is a Christian and activist. He studied overseas and returned to Shanghai for business. On the eve of June 4th, 2015, he was detained for a month by police out of his plan to use a drone to distribute flyers commemorating June 4th in the core area of Shanghai. After his release, he insisted on staying in China and not fleeing. On July 27, 2018 he was arrested in Shanghai again and later sentenced to 3 and a half years over his activism of writing "Down with the [ruling Chinese] Communist Party" in public toilets around Shanghai. 季孝龙,1976年7月10日出生,江蘇省張家港市人,基督徒。他受过非常好的教育,在国外留学很多年,后回国在上海经商,IT技术很好。2015年六四前夕他因策划用无人机在闹市中心散发六四纪念传单而被上海浦東新區公安以“寻衅滋事”罪由关押一个多月,获释后坚持留在中国抗争不逃亡。2018年7月20日起他在網上發文呼吁民主人士回應“廁所革命”,在醫院、大學等公共場所的廁所門上,用馬克筆寫宣傳語“大病治不起,習胖狂撒幣,修憲妄稱帝、苦難何時畢!打倒共產黨。還政於民,結束民眾苦難。推翻習核心,拒走文革路”等字句,短時間內回應者眾多,结果于7月27日被浦東新區公安发现并以涉嫌“寻衅滋事罪”刑事拘留他。 2019年1月14日浦东新区法院开庭审理时庭审时季孝龙曾用20分钟时间宣读辩护詞批评現政權的種種施政弊端,因此被审判长停止自辩,他当庭被以“寻衅滋事罪”一審判處有期徒刑3年6個月,刑期至2022年2月9日。2019年3月,维权网获悉季孝龙因被逼迫认罪受尽折磨,身体健康状况欠佳,前几天在狱中生病吐血;其家屬欲送羽絨服和《聖經》書籍亦遭拒收。

WANG Yi王怡, born in June 1973. He is a famous pastor turned from legal and constitution scholar. In 2004, he was included in the list of "50 Most Influential Public Intellectuals of China" by Southern People Weekly. In 2005, he was converted, baptized, and started to serve in the house church. On 9 December 2018, he and over 100 other members of the church were arrested by the Chinese authorities. He is still in secret custodian in the name of suspicion of inciting subversion of state regime.王怡,1973年6月生,四川人,法律人、知名宪政学者、中国家庭教会牧师。1996年毕业于四川大学法学院,到成都大学任教。他原本是主持宪政网络论坛,研究中国宪政转型,是最有影响的公共知识分子之一。2005年受洗成为基督徒后不久,就开始在成都建立基督徒家庭聚会并于2008年正式成立“秋雨之福”教会。2018年12月9日,四川公安对秋雨教会实施大规模逮捕行动,包括王怡牧师、妻子、教会多位长老等上百人被捕,加给王怡的罪名是煽动颠覆国家政权罪。 被捕前他曾公开谴责习近平对中国基督教的逼迫,他被捕后得以发表的预先备好的公开信《我的声明——信仰上的抗命》中写道:“中共政权对教会的逼迫是极其邪恶的犯罪行为。作为基督教会的牧师,我必须对这样的罪恶发出严厉和公开的责备。”

LI Wenzu李文足, born on April 10, 1985. Although she was first known as the wife of detained human rights lawyer WANG Quanzhang, her own activism to save WANG has got her own international recognition and support.李文足,1985年4月10日生,湖北人。自2015年其丈夫人权律师王全璋被捕至今以来,她为营救丈夫坚持抗争,为此遭遇当局威胁、绑架、软禁与关押,经受了常人难以忍受的骚扰、屈辱与家人关系被挑拨和亲友被划清界线等。她和同伴从担心害怕到最终冲破中共阻挠站出来,比如坚持到天津看守所要求会见丈夫,持续到最高检和最高院要求依法行事“有罪审判,无罪放人”,进行“我可以无发,你不能无法”的抗争等等,在与中国专制政权的斗争过程中斗智斗勇赢得了世人的尊重。

HK Civil Human Rights Front or CHRF is an organization that focuses on the issues of Hong Kong politics and livelihood, affiliated with almost all pan-democratic camps in Hong Kong. Forty-eight NGOs and political groups have been involved in the organization as of January 2006. The most well-known event held by the CHRF is the 6.16 Hongkong march attended by more than 2 million people. 香港民間人權陣線Civil Human Rights Front:简称“民阵”,是香港一个关注政治及民主议题的联合平台,几乎所有香港民主派成员都参与其中,截止2019年6月,参与民间人权阵线的民间团体及政治团体数目达48个。民阵创立于2002年9月13日,希望能为香港民间社会提供一个平台,团结不同力量,推动香港人权和民主运动。民阵日常由每月召开的大会讨论事宜,大会设有正召集人一名,副召集人三名,主要负责主持会议以及平日若有公开活动,负责对外代表民阵说明。民间起初只是负责针对《基本法》第23条立法的工作,最为人熟悉的则是始于2003年起每年主办香港七一游行。此后,民主派所发动的示威游行皆以民阵的名义进行,比如民阵近期所发起的如2019年6月16日反送中大游行多达两百万人惨加。网址

“Civil Rights and Livelihood Watch” was founded by renowned human rights defender LIU Feiyue in 2005 in Hubei, China. Since 2006 until now, its website has published numerous first-hand articles on a wide range of human rights issues in China, including prosecutions of activists and lawyers, protests, police abuses, and government corruption, subjects that China’s state-controlled media are prohibited from covering. It is nearly a miracle that the website is still under good operation, while its founder LIU Feiyue is serving 5 years sentence in prison from 2016 and its editor DING Lingjie was just released from 18 months imprisonment in 2019. 民生观察工作室:湖北人权捍卫者刘飞跃于2005年创建“民生观察工作室”,并于2006年10月正式建立民生观察网站。工作室的理念宗旨是关注底层民众的命运,关注民生,替民说话,依法维权,理性抗争。工作室不仅披露各地上访、请愿、游行示威等维权抗争活动信息,也加入到民众行动中。工作内容主要有两块,一是开展各种形式的维权活动,深入到民众中去,以新闻稿的形式把维权活动及维权消息向外界公布;二是管理和维护《民生观察网》。 2009年起《民生观察网》筹建“中国精神病院受难者数据库”,此后长年不间断的收录了数以千计的被精神病案例及受难经过,成为研究中国被精神病历史不可多得的宝贵资源,并自2014年始每年发布《中国精神健康与人权(被精神病)年终报告》。2016年11月刘飞跃被捕、2017年9月民生观察网编辑丁灵杰被捕,尽管如此民生观察网仍在艰难运营,持续发布来自中国民间的抗争和迫害信息。网址

The Uyghur Human Rights Project (UHRP) was founded by the Uyghur American Association (UAA) in 2004 with a supporting grant from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). UHRP’s mission is to promote human rights and democracy for the Uyghur people, and to raise awareness of human rights abuses that occur in East Turkestan, referred to by the Chinese authorities since 1955 as the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR). In 2016, UHRP became an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt organization. 维吾尔人权项目Uyghur Human Rights Project:维吾尔人权项目由美国维吾尔人协会Uyghur American Association在2004年设立的一个研究、报导、倡导机构,致力于促进维吾尔人人权、民主,揭示正发生于东突厥斯坦——中国当局自1955年起称新疆维吾尔自治区(XUAR)的人权践踏行为。2016年,维吾尔人权项目成为一个独立、非盈利、免税研究机构。该机构通过发布研究报告、发起网络联署和抗议活动、提供专家评论和意见、对外联络和游说等途径,为保护维吾尔人权益、提升维吾尔境遇国际能见度做出了卓有成效的工作。网址


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